Topic: Integrating the PCC Markers into Training and Mentoring  This forum is FREE for members (members must login to access free registration link).
Presenter: Teresa Pool
Date: May 15, 2019, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT
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These quarterly sessions focus on shared learnings and best practices for getting the PCC Markers integrated into coach training programs, including staff training, curriculum updates, mentoring and assessing. Specific discussions on the individual Markers is not in the scope of these sessions.

Our last session explored ways to continue the path to assessor alignment after PCC Marker training. We heard what our peers in coach training organizations are doing to support learning and assessing alignment. If you were unable to attend, be sure to check out the video recording in the members area!

The next session focuses on the challenge of incorporating PCC Markers into our programs while waiting for ICF PCC Marker training. What are some creative ways to bring assessors, mentors and instructors up to speed with the PCC Markers today?  Your host, Teresa Pool, will facilitate the dialogue.

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