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Presenter: Vijay Bhat
Date: August 28, 2019, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT
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What can be more devastating than a cancer diagnosis in the family? Cancer pulls the rug from under your feet – physically, medically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, and even spiritually. Also, the incidence of cancer is increasing: more and younger people are getting it. The all-important question -While the doctors ‘treat the disease’, who is ‘healing the person’ – remains unaddressed, in many countries. The suffering is intense, both in the realm of medical treatments, as well as in the non-medical/ human aspects of the cancer experience.

This is where the principles and practices of Coaching  – if well applied – can play a crucial role; it is also where significant innovations are necessary to reframe what Coaching & Coach Training can aim for and what they can contribute. In this presentation, the speaker will briefly share an overview of his unique Cancer-Coaching framework (based on the science of psycho-neuro-immunology). Thereafter, he will focus specifically on the Coach-training and certification aspect (the SHERPA program) and discuss its design philosophy and delivery approach, drawing out both the similarities and differences between the more generic coaching approach and cancer coaching.

    • What makes a great Cancer Coach (Sherpa)
    • How Cancer Coaching can complement clinical therapy and counselling
    • Why Cancer Coaching must be trackable, trainable, scalable and accessible.
    • How to recognize and adapt to 3 different client mindsets: ‘Victim’, ‘Survivor’ & ‘Thriver’
    • Cultivating ‘Empathic Presence’ – a deeper level of listening, questioning and influencing, when life is at stake
    • Balancing a ‘Loose-Tight’ i.e. ‘structured-emergent’ approach when dealing with fragile clients
    • Reconstructing at the level of ‘Identity’ and not just at the ‘Beliefs & Behaviours’ level

The aim of this session is to spark a rich discussion by linking a major societal disruption (cancer) with a major innovation (how coaching can help) and consider the implications on Coach training.

Vijay Bhat: Wanderer-Dabbler, Seeker-Student, Thriver-Sherpa. 1st career as a global advertising professional (25 years). 2nd career as a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator (13 years). Now in his 3rd career as a cancer coach and social entrepreneur. Has been a Coach Trainer for over 10 years and has worked with hundreds of leader-coaches in top organisations from various sectors, like Advertising, Banking, Media and Technology. 17-yr Colon Cancer ‘Thriver’. Co-author of ‘My Cancer Is Me – The Journey from Illness to Wholeness’. Pioneer and keen advocate of Cancer Coaching. Has trained and certified his first batch of Cancer Coaches (Sherpas). Sought-after keynote speaker. Endlessly fascinated by the 3 Domains of Nature, Culture & Self. Lived, worked and travelled all over the world, and currently based in Mumbai, India. Married to Nilima, who is also a coach, consultant, facilitator, author and keynote speaker in her own right. 2 grown-up kids: Shravan & Shambhavi, from whom there is much to learn. For more details about Vijay’s work, please browse and