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Presenter: Dr. Hélène Seiler
Date: August 26, 2020, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT
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The International Coach Federation published the following definition of supervision in February 2020: “A collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients”. Arguably, supervision supports a variety of learning objectives for student coaches, including increasing their domain knowledge, enhancing their skill set, supporting their cognitive development, developing their professional identity and their ethical maturity. In sum, supervision strengthens the vertical development of student coaches and their learning capabilities. Thus, it plays a foundational role in the acquisition of core competencies such as ICF’s or other international accrediting bodies.


This webinar has three objectives:

  • Introduce the benefits of supervision
  • Highlight its complementarity with other teaching methods
  • Offer a framework to implement supervision as a part of a training program


In the first part, drawing from a review of the most recent literature on coaching supervision, Dr Seiler will further define supervision by highlighting its differences with other types of coach learning activities such as self-reflection, mentoring, tutoring and coaching. She will make the case for supervision as an integral part of coaching training, by describing its key processes and benefits for the student coach, the client and its system, and the coaching profession at large.

In the second part, Dr Seiler will introduce a model of student-coach supervision derived from her multi-year program of research about the professional development of the coach. In this model, supervision supports the integration of the feedback received by the student from clients, peer-student, educators and other stakeholders, in service of their professional development.

Selected references

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  • The rise of coaching supervision 2006-2014 (Hawkins, 2017)
  • The value of coaching supervision as a development process: contribution to continued professional and personal wellbeing for executive coaches (Hodge, 2017)
  • Journeys towards the professionalization of coaching: dilemmas, dialogues and decisions along the global pathway (Gray, 2011)
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Dr Hélène Seiler is an accredited executive coach and supervisor with over 25 years of experience in leadership development and talent management. She has been a Master Certified Coach with ICF since 2007 and was awarded a Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring by Oxford Brookes University in 2019. She has worked and lived in North-America, Western Europe and South-East Asia, and is currently based in Connecticut. Hélène conducts individual and group coaching programmes for senior and higher middle management of international organizations. She has extensive experience working all over the world for C-suite leaders, women leaders, and expatriates working in various industries, as well as in inter-governmental organizations, non-profit and international education. In addition, Hélène supervises experienced practitioners including those pursuing an ICF accreditation. Beyond her practice, Hélène is the co-chair of the research committee of the Graduate School Alliance of Education in Coaching. She is a regular speaker at conferences and webinars organized coaching associations and training organizations.