Topic: Developing Both/And Leadership: The Importance of Navigating Polarities in Coaching     FREE for members, members must login to access the member registration link.  CCEU pending approval.
Presenter: Kelly Lewis, PCC
Date: August 24, 2022, 8am PT/11am ET (90 minutes)
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Supporting clients as they navigate polarities—interdependent tensions like candor::diplomacy, structure::flexibility, focus on employees::focus on the organization is central to transformation and development. Unfortunately, while many talk about the criticality and benefits of building the capacity for both/and, few offer practical methods to help coaches support their clients as they develop this later-stage muscle.  In this session, Kelly Lewis, co-author of Navigating Polarities: Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation, will explore why navigating these paradoxical tensions is often easier said than done, the important role identity and vulnerability play in navigating them, and introduce practical coaching applications that help clients develop both/and mindsets, heartsets, and skillsets.  Click here to watch a short video about polarities – what they are, where they show up, and how they work.

Kelly is a cisgender woman, waking up to the shadows of her whiteness. She is a heterosexual Gen X’er, living childfree, with some degree of socio-economic and educational privilege as a U.S. National. She believes in the “higher love” that underpins all religious traditions and feels a deep connection to the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Kelly’s dad got sober when she was 10 and she accompanied him to AA meetings for the next 30 years. Her dad’s willingness to share his recovery process and the community that came with it has been one of the greatest gifts of her life. Now residing in the historically nuanced and currently healing place of Richmond, Virginia, Kelly has been using Polarities as a lens to help leaders and organizations navigate some of their most complex challenges. She is particularly curious about the roles identity and vulnerability play in helping people be successful in the midst of paradoxical tensions.