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Presenter: Kirti Singh, MSc, GPCC, ACC
Date: November 18, 2020, 8AM PST/11AM EST
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Coaching relationship is about co-creating and partnering. Being able to see different dimensions of diversity within oneself and within our clients gives us an opportunity to establish trust and intimacy at a deeper level.

Diversity is inherent in every coaching engagement. A lot is usually in our blind spots which minimizes our possibilities to explore with our client. Every client is unique and being able to see different dimensions and pieces of their identity gives us an opportunity to see them as a whole.

In this session we will be:

  • Expanding our capacity to look through the lens of diversity in every coaching engagement.
  • Leveraging polarity model to learn how to connect with our similarities ‘AND’ our differences.
  • Learning how to co-create a coaching relationship based on ‘I-Thou’ rather than ‘I-It’.

Through an interactive and experiential approach, we will aim at exploring and learning:

  • Our own unconscious biases that limit our coaching
  • Shifting our biases to support our clients through the process of change
  • How ‘Being more aware’ leads to ‘Becoming more aware’
  • Expanding our awareness to different dimensions of diversity
  • Our meaning making process and how it influences our coaching

This session intends to support ICF Competency of ‘Establishing Trust and Intimacy’, ‘Coaching Presence’, ‘Active Listening’ and ‘Creating Awareness’.

Kirti is a humanist psychologist, gestalt professional and a professional coach. As the Director of Exponent Coaching Inc, she is committed to supporting individuals in realizing their true potential. Her relational and experiential approach to coaching helps her clients ‘Take the Leap from Procrastination to Action’ by helping them connect with their passion and sense of purpose.

She is deeply immersed in Gestalt Approach to Coaching which has its roots in both Western and Eastern Philosophies. Her own experience of having lived and worked in multiple cultures (India, USA and Canada) expands her reach to multicultural clients.

She is a member of International Coaching Federation, IAAGT (International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy) and INTAGIO (International Association for Gestalt In Organizations).

You can learn more about Kirti at