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Presenter: Dorinda Farver
Date: October 26, 2022, 8am PT/11am ET (90 minutes)
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ENERGY RESILIENCE is her specialization. How can we recharge our own energy? How can we Hold space without burning out? She helps you to discover where you need the support by looking at 7 energy areas: Stability, Creativity, Motivation, Love, Expression, Intuition and Higher purpose. These are Backed up with a book that she wrote, a website and video Library to meet your specific needs and give you continued support.

Dorinda has connected all of the core competencies with these 7 areas and she will show you how they merge together.
This Interactive workshop will be felt, experienced and you will have an understanding of the tools you have available to support you in any of these areas where you might need it.

What to expect:

  • Breath work and light movements to notice energy.
  • How your Alignment/posture affects your energy.
  • Stress management.
  • A look into the 7 areas with an understanding of where you could use support.
  • An understanding of how the 8 competencies and the 7 areas work together.

Dorinda Farver Sensei. Photo Manon de Koning

Dorinda is a Dual citizen. She moved to The Netherlands from The USA when she was 25 years old with a degree in Art and Design from East Carolina University. She worked in the Netherlands on a cultural exchange for 1 year, and ended up staying for LOVE, and raised her two boys there. She created one of the largest Yoga Schools in The Netherlands, owns the property, a wellness center, that has yoga, coaching, acupuncture, massage etc, all under the same roof.

She translated the tools and her expertise of “Energy work” into coaching and training to transform people and organizations.

Dorinda received her coaching certificate from Intention Coaching and Training in The Netherlands She is now teaching “Holding space” as one of the trainers at this institution. She developed her own 16 hour program, “Body Wisdom” which is registered with ICF as continuing education hours CCU’s

Sensei coaching and Training

My Values: Love, Courage, Wisdom, Trust

My Purpose: To stay connected to Love and wisdom as I
navigate this life, and to teach and help others do the same.