Topic: 2021 ACTO Conference Preview    This forum is FREE for members and non-members CCE: 1 RD
Presenter: Multiple Presenters
Date: April 28, 2021, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT
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The theme of the ACTO conference this year is Leveling Up: Integrating Equity and Inclusion with Excellence in Coach Training.

Come and hear various presenters from the conference give an overview of their presentations in this forum. This will be a wonderful slice of what to expect for the ACTO Conference.

Discovering the Power Within:  Learning to Use Coaching Competencies for Social Change Damian Goldvarg & Kimberly Freeman

Professional coaches are poised to be great social-change agents. During our training to become certified, we learn the coaching competencies of powerful questions and active listening. Moreover, these powerful questioning and active listening skills can guide challenging conversations regarding race and racism. In How To Be An Antiracist, scholar Ibram X. Kendi defines an antiracist as one who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or by expressing an antiracist idea. Saying you are not racist is not enough. Instead, to effect social change, coaches and clients must engage in antiracist thinking and actions. Participants in this session will begin this journey by learning to uncover hidden biases through powerful questioning and active listening. Coaching competencies like these are needed to address the assumptions and hidden biases around race and racism that we all carry.

Your Client is Swimming in a Sea of Social and Structural Phenomena Jonelle Naude & Wiebke Renner 

This session will assist coach educators and trainers in being/becoming part of a systemic shift in the coaching industry – away from the focus on individual empowerment only, towards greater inclusivity of the traditionally marginalized/victimized voices in society.

In this interactive session, we will clearly identify some myths and assumptions around “the power of choice” and their unintended impact on the client.

Participants will find a new way of seeing the individual within their systemic context, bringing awareness to their privilege, rank (or lack thereof) and the social constructs that impact their lived experience.

We’ll introduce a new coaching skill (“framing”) that acknowledges and validates the individual’s lived experience from a systemic lens, as a global truth.

Learning this skill will give coaches and coach trainers greater confidence in working with the complexity of multiple systemic truths.

In sharing this nniSkill we endeavour to assist the field of coaching education in its journey towards excellence in integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in an ever expanding world.

Is Coaching The Great Equalizer In The Push for Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate C-Suites? Joyce Odidison

The 2020 global pandemic has shown us that much of what we took for granted is of much greater importance. It has also shown us that more is to be done on all levels to bridge racial inequity, close the chasm, and create a more inclusive society.
Is coaching the great equalizer in the pust to prepare leaders for the corporate C-Suite? We will explore the role of coaching as a tool to develop diverse employees and future leaders for the C-Suite.