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Presenters: Michelle Vander Stouw, Angela Cusack, Steve Galloway, Vikram Bhatt
Date: May 22, 2019, 8AM PDT/11AM EDT
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The theme of the ACTO conference this year is The Human Tapestry: Challenge. Illuminate. Celebrate.
Come and hear three presenters from the conference give a sample of their presentations on May’s forum. This will be a wonderful slice of what to expect for the ACTO Conference.

1000 Cultures & Beyond: Practicing Cultural Humility – Angela Cusack & Michelle Vander Stouw

Michelle Vander Stouw

Survivor, Woman, Wife/Partner, and Mother; master facilitator, thought partner, coach, dancer, empath, strategic planner, organizational development professional; loves hiking and nature, cooking, speaking other languages (dabbled in 9 so far) and travel; first (and almost only) to go to college – mom and step-dad didn’t finish high school; has a non-visible disability; personal beliefs are diverse from majority of family; ally and advocate; began full-time summer work at age of 8 in concession stands at county fairs, held positions as accountant, paralegal, organic chemist, graphic designer, foundation program officer, coach, researcher, evaluator, and entrepreneur.

Angela Cusack

Dreamer + Go-getter = Vagabond on a Mission. Roots in rural southern Ohio. Small family tobacco farmer, 4-H’er, church-goer, do-gooder, cheerleader, and a bit of an alien. Eastcoast girl with a SoCal spirit. Mixed breed: Cherokee Indian, Scott-Irish, and German; Mormon, Christian, Catholic, Heathen, and raised my daughter Jewish. First in family to attend college, move away, and get divorced. Caregiver and care-creator. Street smart with gravatas. Ideator, innovator, and shaper of futures that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Four moves without a job, no connections, seeing possibilities and finding greater connection, prosperity, peace, and growth. Executive wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to many. Influenced by my practices in yoga, running, exploring, and serving others.

Coaching with Color Cognizance – Steve Galloway

I am an African-American Black husband, father, son, brother, man; graduate degreed, professional, facilitator of positive individual, group, and organizational change. Believer in the universal value of all.

Living the Inquiry – A Stand for a Different World through Coach Training – Leadership That Works (Charlotte Morse, Altaf Shaikh, Anna Mathison, Rashmi Dixit & Vikram Bhatt)

Vikram Bhatt is passionate about creating communities based on principles of inclusion, equality and human potential. His vision is to bring the energy or love and evolution to the work of power and equity across the world.