Virtual Conference |  June 14-16, 2023
 9 am to 3:30 pm ET


Luis Piza

Keynote Speaker

Why Most Coaching Processes Fail Before They Even Start (and How to Change That)

Can coaching work for everyone, every time and for everything? Short answer: no, it can’t.
There are cases that are not suitable for coaching, there are people who won’t benefit from coaching, and there are times when coaching just isn’t the best way to go. And on the contrary, there are problems, circumstances, moments, and clients that will only achieve their goals through coaching.
Recognizing suitable cases from the ones who are not, accounts for 50 % of the success rate of any coaching process.
So, how can you tell one from the other?
Is there something else than mere luck or intuition to help you from choosing correctly?
What has the General Theory of Coaching to say on this matter?
Short answer: Yes. And you’ll find out in this session.


Luis Piza is one of the few Certified professionals & endorsed facilitators by the Eo Ipso Center and a passionate promoter of the non-directive essence of coaching from a scientific perspective. Luis uses non-directive coaching, accelerated learning, team building, selfmanagement, Inner Game and other related methodologies to help clients to achieve their goals.

As an author, professor and facilitator, Luis combines both theory and practice in everything he does professionally, thus providing his clients with both academic and experience approach for better experiences and results.