Virtual Conference |  June 14-16, 2023
 9 am to 3:30 pm ET


Catherine Tanneau & Linda McLoughlin


Coach Education Beyond Borders – The Role of The Educator; Mentor and Supervisor in Promoting Cross-Culturalism

Coaching has caught the global imagination and growth rates for the profession are highest in newer geographies such as the Middle East and Asia.
As global MCC coaches and entrepreneurs Linda McLoughlin and Catherine Tanneau bring their extensive experience of pioneering coach education in new territories and diverse cultures. DEIJ is a key element of their work as coach educators; mentors and supervisors and they will share how these values have been adapted and tested in cross-cultural groups with varying norms and cultural references.

What they know for sure is that coaching as a modality for growth and transformation is highly ‘plastic’ and travels well beyond borders; ethnicities; religions and cultural beliefs.

As accredited coaching school owners, Linda and Catherine will share their own experiences from the field in the Middle East; China, Europe, and Americas and the lessons they have learned in adapting their delivery style and content while honoring the basic tenets of non-directive coaching. They will also highlight how they manage highly diverse groups of learners to role model the essence of inclusion with particular reference to psychological safety, deep respect, awareness of biases, especially unconscious biases.

They will highlight with practical examples how as educators and mentors they address DEIJ with their curriculum and how they use their group experiences to provide live examples of DEIJ in action in emerging coaching markets.


Catherine Tanneau, MCC, specializes in executive coaching and organizational transformation. Catherine is an author, a keynote speaker, a coach trainer, and the Current Chair of ICF Professional Coaches Global Board of Directors. Catherine has been committed to helping boards and CEOs, leaders and their teams in managing complex and multicultural environments working across 3 continents. She specializes in leadership & change management processes, digital strategy implementation, team mobilization, governance, and sustainability. Catherine has been active for more than 20 years in ICF, promoting coaching excellence, professionalism, and ethics. She is a Leadership Professor (HEC Paris), a keynote speaker and author of three books dedicated to Leadership and coaching. She is partnering since many years with major companies worldwide such as L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard or other firms to develop a coaching culture in their organizations.

Linda McLoughlin MCC is an award-winning Master Coach with a global reach and reputation and is based between Dublin and Dubai. She works across Europe, Middle East, Africa, USA and South America. Linda specializes in coach education and executive education along with a passion for gender and cross-cultural intelligence. Linda is currently Vice Chair of ICF Professional Coaches Board of Directors and also a member of ICF GE Board. Linda was awarded ‘Coach of the Year’ and ‘Mentor Coach of the Year’ by ICF Ireland and ‘Top Leadership Coach’ by Coach Foundation. Linda is a pioneer of coaching in organizations in the Gulf and is currently partnering with a police force; an oil company and a telecoms provider to develop coaching cultures in Middle East. She is co-author of two books on leadership and change and is an engaging keynote speaker as well as a licensed facilitator of a range of psychometrics.