Virtual Conference |  September 14-16, 2022
 9 am to 3 pm ET


Nancy Forrester


A Paradigm Shift in Coaching – An Evolutionary Science Approach to Change

A Paradigm Shift in Coaching: An Evolutionary Science Approach to Change The evolution of the coaching profession is being held hostage by its outdated mindset about trauma. Constraining beliefs like ‘trauma isn’t part of coaching,’ ‘trauma healing is huge emotional catharsis’ and ‘I’ll re-traumatize my client if I go there’ are elephants in the room that are limiting the profession’s ability to positively impact the fabric of society.

Neuroscience research shows that human trauma is pervasive and profoundly impactful on the quality of individual and collective adult lives. Coaches ARE working with trauma, their own and their clients, every day.

Coaching needs a paradigm shift. It needs a model that supports coaches in facilitating post trauma growth that doesn’t require working directly with the trauma itself. This session discusses what trauma is, and isn’t, how trauma shows up in the coaching space, how both the client’s and the coach’s unresolved trauma history impact their relationship and coaching results. An innovative framework of coaching is presented that engages a client in all channels of their full human experience and is built around the biological prerequisite for nervous system safety before inviting significant change.


Nancy is President of Nancy Forrester Mentoring and Consulting Inc; supporting individuals, couples and corporations to create safe, significant and sustainable realworld results. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Emotional Freedom Techniques Training Institute, the creator of an innovative therapeutic and coaching model called Conscious EFT™ and an associated coach training program, Harness the Power of Conscious EFT™.

Nancy is a Clinical Psychotherapist (Ret), international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and post-secondary educator. She holds MBA, B.Ed. and B.Sc. degrees as well as graduate level diplomas in individual, family and couples’ therapy. Her virtual and in-person workshops are highly engaging, experiential and valued for their innovative and practical content delivered in Nancy’s clear, joyful and compassionate style.