Virtual Conference |  September 14-16, 2022
 9 am to 3 pm ET


Merlinder Orjela


Inclusive Coach Training to create Authentic Coaches

This session will look at DEIB, especially inclusivity in coaching, authenticity, and biases. Looking at values will link into the core competencies & authentic leadership, coaching, and training. This session will then look at one approach to how to practically be an inclusive coach trainer and encourage inclusivity in coaching using values. There will an exercise on your own values to build our personal self-awareness (it starts with ourselves!) and a group discussion around the topic to get different perspectives, ideas on how to use, and enhance learning.


Merlinder is an ICF PCC accredited coach, focusing on: executive, leadership & transitions, with a specific emphasis on DEIB, resilience, and wellbeing. She also does group coaching, mentor coaching, DE&I (coaching, training & consulting), mediation and eLearning courses. She completed her CPC from ICA and continued with a CMC. Like most coaches, she is passionate about learning and doing continuous education, and is currently particularly interested in positive psychology links to coaching and wellbeing, group and team coaching, and continuous learning and self-work on DEIB related topics. Prior to coaching she worked in HR for biotech industry in multiple areas, including startups, in a mainly international setting.