Virtual Conference |  September 14-16, 2022
 9 am to 3 pm ET


Ajay Noronha


Jheeni Beeni Chadariya – Making the Image Sacred Again

The 15th century Indian mystic saint Kabir’s poem “Jheeni Bheeni Chadariya” has historically been interpreted in innumerable ways. But as a Life Coach, its preoccupation with the purity of “being” and the transparence, or rather the lack of it, of the “chadariya” (delicately woven shawl) – allows for an exploration of “self” through image-creation (viz. photography). The closer this gets to the core of our “being”, the more we are able to reclaim the image of ourselves. Ultimately, making the “image” sacred again!


Ajay thrives on diversity of experience. He is a cinematographer and documentary filmmaker by training, and an educator and a life coach by passion. His passion for telling a story visually has taken him across the world in diverse contexts – television shows, documentary film and video art installations. He teaches cinematography and conducts filmmaking workshops across India and internationally. Ajay epitomizes “self as instrument of change” in his enduring relationship with self-growth and human processes. He has a deep commitment to conflict transformation work among youth in America, Israel, occupied Palestine, Kashmir and Manipur. As a Life Coach and facilitator, he blends his diverse experience with the visual arts for deep personal transformation by reclaiming our self-image.